Stu Robbie

- The rocker man - our story -

Our Story,

Elton John might be the Rocket Man - but Stu Robbie can lay claim to being the Rocker Man. 

Stu Robbie incorporates over 35 years of cabinetmaking experience into his much loved range of products by The Rockerman NZ. Each piece is uniquely detailed with various materials such as brass, leather, animal hides and marine rope to create a truely distinct style. Stu has spent the last 10 years refining his collection, specialising in rocking chairs.

Both indoor and outdoor examples are available and the results are impecable. Hand crafted using traditional cabinet making techniques, each item is designed and proven to last the test of time.

Stu travels to all corners of New Zealand, interacting directly with clients at various shows and Fieldays, even hand delivering furniture on occassion.

It’s the personal touch they bring that sets them apart from other furniture manufacturers, something they often refer to as The Rockerman Experience.

If you would like a taste of The Rockerman Experience, it is likely that the Rockerman team will be in your area shortly - no matter how far from Dunedin you may live. There is a list of show dates available or if you have any questions feel free to contact Stu directly


I highly recommend Stu’s high quality and he has a real eye for detail. His pieces are really beautiful functional art. Eye candy

Vickie Marie Davis

Stu makes THE BEST Rockers I have ever seem. Quality, Design & Style rolled in to one. These are collectors pieces that will be passed down the generations. 

Steph Smith, Big Mac Slabs.